With the success of the new TPSi range, Fronius will be discontinuing the TPS 2700 at the end of this year.

Fronius and SMENCO will continue to offer all parts as well as full service and support for the TPS 2700 however we will no longer be selling the power source.

The TPS 2700 has long endured as Fronius’ most popular welder in Australia. It’s been a top quality, rugged welding system which has proven itself time and again. It has long representing excellent value for money for serious fabricators with some units still in use for over 15 years.

The good news is that the new TPS270i-C and TPS320i-C systems are much improved in every way. They are smaller, lighter, and tougher. They also include more functions while being easier to use. Best of all the TPS270i-C is more competitively priced than the old TPS 2700.

Some features of the new TPS270i-C:

  • Simplified functional interface
  • Significantly lighter and tougher inline push-pull system
  • More compact design with inbuilt wirefeeder
  • Includes many new features of TPSi range
  • SynchroPuls now included as standard

The TPS320i-C is also an excellent choice to replace the TPS 2700 including all the features of the TPS270i-C but also:

  • Easy to use innovative touch screen
  • Comprehensive range of TPSI features
  • SynchroPuls now included as standard

Please contact us to organise a free demonstration of the TPS270i-C and the TPS320i-C to see why they are worthy successors to the TPS 2700.