SMENCO Automation

Sometimes the best person for the job is a machine.

A lack of skilled welders in the labour market is making it more difficult to find people as well as driving up the costs.

SMENCO can help you determine the total costs of an automation solution as well as the expected savings.


Downtime can be extremely expensive, especially in automated welding and large scale projects. Our automation equipment is renowned for it’s reliability and longevity and will save you money in the long term.

We also offer local support and servicing of the solutions we sell. In the unlikely event you do have a problem with one of our welders we have local qualified and certified technicians to get you back up and running ASAP.



Certain tasks are simply exhausting for people to perform and this is where automation systems excell.

If you’ve ever brushed off splatter from your mask and your arms after a hard day overhead welding you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Our carriage systems don’t get tired and make mistakes, our CNC machines will make the same high quality cut time and time again and our robots can dramatically reduce downtime on a project as well as ensure worker health and safety.


Time is money and we pair the best automation solutions with the best welding solutions.

In order to be the best in automated welding Fronius welders are designed to put down a lot of wire very quickly. Rather than simply using more wire Fronius welders ensure they don’t use any more wire than we absolutely have to.

There are other efficiency gains. Our camera systems help with quality control and can be linked to the reports generated by our welding equipment so if there is a fault it’s much easier to diagnose and fix.

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