World leader for robot welding and technological leader in MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, plasma and LaserHybrid welding equipment
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About Fronius

Fronius is the world market leader for robot welding and technological leader for arc and resistance spot-welding. The Perfect Welding division of Fronius has a mastery of the entire spectrum: MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, plasma and LaserHybrid welding equipment and processes.

Welding is the joining of materials under the application of heat and/or force, with or without filler material. This principle was understood as many as 3500 years ago. But it’s only in recent decades that welding technology has really been able to take off. Fronius has become the “wind beneath the wings” of the sector – standing out as one of the few major players.

Welding. A real passion. Fronius regularly takes the welding industry by surprise with its remarkable developments. Joins and applications that were previously considered unthinkable or impossible. Fronius places special importance on the perfect technical synchronisation of individual system components. The result: an outstanding customer value. This makes welding even simpler, more comfortable and convenient – yet still provides the highest quality joins.

Fronius has the perfect solution for every application area. From compact MMA welding machines, MIG/MAG and TIG applications to complex automated welding systems. In addition there are new technologies for cutting and spot welding. The secret of its lead in innovation: all products are developed in collaboration with those who use them. This means that all Fronius products are matured, tested in real-life situations, reliable and user-friendly.

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