Fume Extraction Systems


OH&S Compliance made easier.

And cheaper than you might think.



I can’t believe the filter has already collected that much..

It often amusing to hear this from our customers. People don’t really believe it until they see it.

It’s hard to imagine the volume of air being processed and it’s harder still to imaging how much particulate matter is floating around in that air.

The serious part is the realization that everyone’s lungs were doing that cleaning before implementing a effective fume extraction system.



One of the things we love about our Kemper fume extraction systems is their reliability.

One of our customers, the Wilson Transformer Company has been using 5 Kemper 8000 units for about 6 years where they work two shifts per day – they have never had one of them break down.

Regular servicing definitely helps reliability but the exceptional German engineering makes Kemper one of the best fume extraction system providers in the world.



We have experience providing fume extraction solutions to a wide variety of companies so scale isn’t a problem.

If you are running a small workshop and (rightly) thinking that maybe opening the door isn’t good enough then we have small and very affordable options to help you out.

If you have a large operation we can help your plan and implement a cost effective system that you can trust.

Big or small you can chose between replaceable filter systems or self cleaning systems, extraction tables or flexible arm systems. We have a configuration to suit your needs.

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