Pipeline Welding


Bohler pipe-line welding electrodes, DWT pipe bevelling and Bore-Repair.

We have you covered.


Bohler Pipeline Welding

More than 100,000 km of pipeline have been laid worldwide using BÖHLER WELDING consumables.

Comprehensive welding and steel know-how under one roof

Coordinated complete solutions

Maximum economic stability and technical expertise

Huntingdon Fusion

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are proud to have shaped the Company of some 40 years to become the acknowledged World Leaders in gas weld purging techniques.
Founders of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®, PhD level educated specialists in welding metallurgy and gas physics, have more than 50 years experience each in their respective fields.


DWT Germany is specialized in products for weld preparation in pipe and pipeline welding applications. Pipe edge preparation is the first and important step in the pipe welding process. Especially for heavy wall pipes the pipe edge of the pipe end must be in a perfect shape to achieve the best welding result. For all working steps like pipe cutting, pipe beveling, pipe alignment and pipe handling we offer a unique equipment.
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