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Robotic Welding Systems

In terms of business, what kind of value would place on peace of mind? We can all relate to how much the gift of hindsight plays a part in every day decision making.

When it comes to providing the kind of value that foresight brings, the expert team at Smenco understand the importance. That is why they have developed a testing system for all your robotic welding application needs.

We work with all the robot arms manufacturers in Australia and most of the robot integrators too.

Cycle Times

A robotic weld trial can discover how long a robot takes to complete an application and therefore validate the number of robots required to meet your production demands.


With an infinite array of companies all touting that they have the “latest” robotic and welding technology; it can be quite daunting knowing what to choose. Before you spend a cent, a Smenco weld trial will show you which type of welding solution is going to suit your application and give you the best results.

Settings and Types

In addition to knowing what type of welder your application requires. Imagine knowing exactly which weld settings and wire types will give you the best outcome. More reliable than a crystal ball and less expensive than running your own individual testing…after investing in a product!

Our Mission

As the sole representative of Fronius welding equipment in Australia, SMENCO have a number one goal: to provide a quality service and products. With offices in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney we are complete one stop shop. Our sales, demonstration, repair and retail are all under one roof. We employ 34 staff and most of our sales staff are welding trades people, so our customers can have confidence in our ability to solve their welding problems.

The company have taken that one step further with the creation of a weld trials facility complete with one and soon to be two industrial welding robots. The aim of doing a weld trial is to assist businesses in finding the right type of robotic welding technology, be it choosing the right power source, weld settings or figuring out how to set up your tooling to ensure robot access.

The weld trials can prove if a robot can do the job, the cycle times and, of course, the quality of the finished product. But here’s the clincher, this can all happen well before you’ve invested the big bucks!

Already the Smenco weld trials have proven to be an invaluable service to businesses looking at installing a robotic welding application. Especially for those more complicated applications involving different elements, treated metals or thin sheets of metal.

Robotics News

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Robotic Welding PDFs

Fronius Trans Process Solution: TPS/i

TPSI Robotic Welding PDF

Fronius Robotic Welding PDF

Fronius Robotic Welding PDF

Fronius CMT PDF

Fronius CMT PDF

CMT Advanced PDF

CMT Advanced PDF

Robacta TC 2000 PDF

Robacta TC 2000 PDF

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