CutAce XD 2019

High production, high speed medium duty cutting system

Designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the demanding motion requirements of the Hypertherm® XPR170® power source, producing unrivalled cut quality providing great versatility in cutting capability for aluminium, stainless and mild steels.

Fastest production machine in its class with up to 40,000mm/min positioning and a peak acceleration of 280mg

Produces more parts per hour for lower cost per part

Efficient sectional down draft fume extraction design eliminates harmful fume exposure

Quality components used throughout, synonymous with all Plazmax cutting systems

Remote technical support access directly to the controller in real time for trouble shooting and training

Fully integrated Hypertherm® software and hardware providing 100% access to technologies such as TrueHole®, RapidPart® and TrueBevel®

Laser pointer for easy plate alignment

Compliant electrical system lin accordance with AS/􀀄ZS 30001 and supplied with full electrical drawings Safety rated E-stop system with 3 E-stop buttons

Available with Powermax 125, MAXPRO200, XPR170 and XPR 300
Available as standard in three sizes to cut plate up to 1520mm x 3000mm, 1520mm x 3600mm, and 1800mm x 3600mm.
Custom sizes available upon request.

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Plasma Cutting Table

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