Solid wire, low-alloyed, creep resistant

Creep resistant steels and similar alloyed cast steels, case hardening and nitriding steels of similar chemical composition, similar alloyed heat treatable steels with tensile strength up to 780 MPa, steels resistant to caustic cracking

GMAW wire for 1.25 % Cr 0.5 % Mo alloyed boiler, plate and tube steels as well as for the welding of quenched and tempered and case hardening steels. Preferably used for the steels 13CrMo4-5 or ASTM A335 P11/P12. Approved in long-term condition up to +570 °C service temperature. The deposit is noted for its good mechanical properties and good toughness. Further, good resistance to cracking, when attacked by caustic soda, and the fact that it is suitable for nitriding, quenching and tempering are additional features. The values of the creep rupture strength lay within the scatter band of the material 13CrMo4-5. The wire shows very good feeding characteristics, resulting in smooth welding and wetting behaviour. Uniform copper bonding with low total copper content.

Available in diameter’s : 1.2mm, 1.6mm
Yield strength : 440 MPa
Tensile strength : 570 MPa
Elongation : 23%

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Steels And Steel Alloys

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