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Inflatable Stoppers Cylindrical

Inflatable Stoppers Cylindrical

Product Code: HF/PSI00##


Where Access to the Job Site is Difficult

The versatile PipestoppersĀ® Inflatable Stoppers can be inserted and retracted through small holes and then inflated to full size for stopping operations. They are used to service a wide variety of industrial applications and are available in the following ranges: Standard Inflatable Stoppers, Cylindrical Inflatable Stoppers, Spherical Inflatable Stoppers
The Standard Range of Inflatable Pipe Stoppers are available for immediate delivery with sizes ranging from 1 to 96" (25 to 2440 mm).
Cylindrical Inflatable Stoppers will not invert (turn over) inside a pipe when under pressure, because they are longer than their diameter.
Spherical Stoppers are used where the position of the stopper is not important and they can be put at any angle and still make a seal.

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