1855XHD is ideal for corrosion resistance of coating large surfaces used in the chemical industry. It may be used for assembling complex aluminium bronze alloys, for rebuilding and modifying aluminium bronze parts or for coating parts subject to intense metal to metal friction. Ship propellers, propeller shaft sleeves, rudder components, turbine and pump housings, mixer blades, gear wheels, screw-shaft carrier rings, side plates, valve housings, roller extension segments, valve gates, turbine injector needles, forming matrices, pump turbines, winch components, rotary seals, shaping tools, bearings, heat exchanger plates, rotary valves, gearings.

Very good resistance to cavitation, excellent resistance to marine corrosion, very high tensile strength, high elongation, low friction coefficient, very easily machinable. Aluminium bronze alloys are used to resist corrosion by sea water. 1855XHD allows an entire range of these alloys to be welded with a Maximum Safety Margin. When the precise chemical composition of the base metal is unknown, 1855XHD can be used as it provides an elongation higher than that of traditional aluminium bronzes with comparable tensile strength.

Available in diameters : 3.2mm – 1Kg, 5Kg packs
Tensile Strength 680 Mpa
Yield Strength 430 Mpa
Elongation A5% 30%
Hardness 175 HRb
Standards : DIN 1733: ~E L – Cu Mn 14 AL

DIN EN 14700:ECu1
(DIN 8555:E31 – UM – 200 – CP)*
W.-Nr.: ~ 2.1368

Standards marked with * are currently obsolete

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