Popular choice for most heavy equipment bore repair jobs

The BOA-408i automatic bore welding system is designed for users who demand durability, ease of setup and precision without unnecessary complication.

Coupled with one of Bore Repair Systems’ boring bars and new Center Support System, it will provide you with a means of repairing worn bores on all types of equipment in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Awarded numerous design patents, owners of our BOA systems quickly realize they made the right decision when choosing Bore Repair Systems’ products. The BOA systems are the simplest to set up, the simplest to use and offer the highest levels of precision all at very reasonable prices.

The BOA-408i is conveniently offered in 5 packages, ranging from the basic BOA-408i S1 for internal bore buildup to the fully loaded BOA408i S5 which features all the upgrades available including long stroke, auto-skip, face welding, outside diameter welding and even a BOAM1 compact bore weld drive head and gun assembly.

The BOA-408i bore welder system is also offered in complete, turnkey kit form with integrated boring bar system. See our BRS2-BRS4 integrated bore welding and machining systems.


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Bore Welding System

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