ClearMaxx PAPR

Welcome to the comfort zone.
optrel clearmaxx – things are clear!

Unlimited clear view of your workspace, filtered and clear air with adjustable air distribution make the clearmaxx the unique face and respiratory protection system with the highest safety level.

Perfect eye and face protection
Super light and super comfortable
180° panoramic view
Supplied with PAPR adaptor
Weight 495g
2 year warranty

Adjustable air distribution:
A rotary switch can be used to feed 20% of the air cooling the forehead area. Direct air draft crossing the eyes leading to dry eyes is avoided by the air distribution system.

Multi function system
Combining it with the optrel e3000 PAPR system with mountain breeze filter the clearmaxx becomes the perfect buddy on countless types of work. The easy-to-change DIN5 front cover lens expands the system to the perfect protector for efficient plasma cutting.

Wearing comfort
Thanks to a minimized weight of only 495g and an ergonomic fit the clearmaxx sets new benchmarks in wearing comfort.

Fields of Application:
– Grinding
– Automotive industry
– Building industry
– Chemical industry
– Refrigeration industry
– Food Industry
– General industry
– Heavy metal industry
– Painting industry
– Industrial cleaning industry

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PAPR System

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