DO 02

EnDOtec DO*02 has been developed for semiautomatic welding of difficult to-weld steels and/or thick section steel parts.
It is ideal for joining dissimilar martensitic or austenitic stainless steels.
It can be applied either as a buttering layer or as an E+C TeroCote coating for protection against impact and high pressure.

Armour plate, manganese steels; steel alloy furnace components; superheated steam outlets; for building and buttering layers, multipass protective coatings; rail truck wheels; drive sprockets.

Up to 40% elongation, excellent crack resistance, high resistance to metal/metal friction, very good resistance to thermal cycling and oxidation at working temperatures of up to 600°C, excellent work hardening, high ductility; slightly magnetic & machinable deposit.

Available in diameters : 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm
Tensile Strength : ≥ 550
Yield Strength : ≥ 350
Elongation A5% : ≥ 25
Hardness : 200 – 400 HV30
Standards : EN ISO 17633 – A:T 18 8 Mn MM 2

(EN 12073:T 18 8 Mn MM 2)*
AWS A5.22:~ E307T1-4
SFA 5.22:~ E307T1-4

Standards marked with * are currently obsolete

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